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Best Beard Trimmers

Men Grooming Tips: Choosing and Using a Beard Trimmer



Beard trimmers and shavers are valuable grooming tools to remove men's facial hair such as mustache, sideburns and beard for a clean and neat look. Beard trimmers are recommended for stubborn thick facial hair to achieve the precise cut for the masculine look you want. There are many brands of beard trimmers and shavers available in the market today, and allow us to help you choose the best one for you, guiding you on how to use a beard trimmer hassle-free.


Before impulsively buying a beard trimmer online or in-store, you should take into consideration some things such as your beard length, frequency of usage, diverse functionality, style and costs. Beard maintenance is crucial not only for personal grooming reasons but most importantly for work requirement, social status and the reputation you want to build. Caring for your beard should be included in your priority list as this is readily observable reflecting your personality and character.


There are wide selections of beard trimmers with versatile features and have multiple settings such as a beard trimmer doubled with an electric shaver for a double purpose, well-groomed, clean and  good-looking looks. Some beard trimmers are waterproof, with various length settings, built-in vacuum feature, goatee attachment, fine teeth, cleaning brush, rechargeable or battery-operated,  with drainage system, directional blade system, self-sharpening blades, compact, lightweight, portable, steel or carbon-steel blades, detail shaver and ease of use. If you want to learn more about beard trimming, you can visit


In order to find the best length for you, you need to shave your face completely and then  let your facial hair grow, so you can determine the length you want and the kind of trimmer suitable for you. A powerful beard trimmer with three guard multiple settings works great for a nice fade and fuller beard as it grows down your face and your neck. For a special facial hair style, like chin strap or goatee, it is best that you choose a beard trimmer with various trimmer heads and trimmer guards, for smaller blades for a more precise shaving job. 


Major Beard trimmers need to be oiled in order to work properly, so make sure that excess oil on the trimmer and the clippers are wiped off properly so that the hair do not stick together causing a mess. When shaving, it is best to begin using long strokes and finish it in short strokes, shaving against the grain and then switching to a lower guard as you reach your jaw line or Adam's apple. Clean up any stray hairs and remove the guard if you want shorter styles.